Our custom app technology does not replace 911 services in any way but, it does provide individuals with an advanced tool for safety with multiple applications. The app is available for those that want an added layer of protection. 

The Texas Guardians

The Texas Guardians creates, provides and implements mobile safety solutions for all segments of the population that includes Individuals, Medical Centers, School Districts, Universities, Congregations, Businesses, Big Big Stores, Hotel & Casino, Theaters, Bail Bondsmen, and Law Enforcement.

We create Smart Phone Technology specifically designed to summon help from any type of emergencies and instantly interfaces with first res-ponders or any designated team to provide a faster response time.

It basically provides a greater level of personal safety and measure risks before it happens for a safer society.

Our Specialties

  • Managed Admin Web Application
  • Threat Detection Devices
  • Active Shooter Alert Mobile Apps
  • Personal Safety Apps
  • Security Management Apps
  • Emergency Apps
  • Gunshot Detectors
  • Transportation Safety Apps
  • Non-Contact Thermometers
  • Provide Security Apps
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Our Headquarter in Weslaco, Texas

The Texas Guardians is US based company which provide mobile safety solutions. We provide customized Mobile Apps & Safety Devices.

When we started?

The Texas Guardians is a dynamic and fast-moving company in client solution management in IT. We strive to provide you with the best solutions for your safety needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an interface between the end user and first responders reducing the response time in the event of any emergency.

Market Leading Technology

The Texas Guardians is an App Development Company based in Weslaco Texas since 2018. We have 5 Master App Developers, 3 strategist and we are committed to providing the best and high-quality Safety Phone Applications for all type of needs.

Founder & CEO Message

We monitor current issues & deadly events. We listen to victims, and we borrow their thoughts. We talk to experts and add common sense to create technology that motivates action for every level of the targeted situation. The Texas Guardians is greatly committed to consistently provide high-quality Life Saving Apps with professionalism, honesty, and innovation.

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Company Profile

The Texas guardians started live saving operations in 2017. And till today we are the leading company proving the unique and best solutions to our customers.

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Mr. Roy. T is the founder and CEO of the texas guardians. Roy T. is a successful businessman. He is the top of the list in Health industry, Live safety industry, and many more


Safe Drivers Worldwide LLC company is the sister company of the texas guardians. Safe Drivers Worldwide mission is to provide the safe driving apps, devices and the awareness of distraction of texting and driving.

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