Automates the emergency process

When Response Time Matters

Our Custom Smart Phone Technology is specifically designed to summon help from any type of emergencies and instantly interfaces with first res-ponders to provide a faster response time.
Basically, it provides a greater level of personal safety and measures risks before it happens for a safer society.

Personal Safety Solutions

Our Personal Safety apps helps you stay safe and connected to first responders and your emergency contacts

Organization Safety Solutions

We provide the Organization safety Mobile apps for employees & Desktop Control Panels for Security Teams & Admins

Online Real-Time Information

Cloud-based The Texas Guardians Response Platform delivers real-time data on rapidly evolving active shooter incidents

Managed Web Application

We provide desktop web application & portals to Security team, admin & the law enforcement to track the emergency events


Why The Texas Guardians?

We have been providing exceptional Apps to clients across the country and around the world. We help them solve issues standing between their idea and the materialization of a product they need.

  • Qualified Developer's & Engineers

    The Texas Guardians having the certified & experienced developers, designers & engineers. We do not compromise on the quality of our products.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Our research team always keep on eye on the latest threats and give the instructions to add safety feature related to upcoming threats.

  • Dadicated Support

    We provide the dedicated support to our clients by call, email or live chat.

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High-Performance Solutions

Business & Professional Safety Apps

Violent crime, robberies, shoplifting, or employee theft, convenience stores have been dealing with store security issues for years. Robberies are up

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Personal & Family Safety Apps

During an emergency or threat, the realtor can summon for help with a click of a button quickly and discreetly

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External Attachment

The Texas Guardians provide safety apps and devices for homes. Our family safety apps having features to stay safe inside

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The Texas Guardians introducing Temperature screening devices, Gunshot detectors, Bluetooth, and Wireless Thermal guns. Our devices are 100% customized and

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Innovative Smart Protection For Your School & University

The Texas Guardians School app is a multi-multifunctional tool that requires no special training to use. The app provides user coordinates that enables individuals and law enforcement to quickly zero in on any threat. In tests conducted in real-world conditions, the precise location of the mock “shooter” was identified in mere seconds.
For school systems that maintain an on-site security force, it allows teachers, administrators, bus drivers and support staff to call for security whenever needed. School security guards or other designated individuals can request a school lockdown and all users receive instant notification of the action.

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The app can be activated at the first sign of trouble to quickly alert law enforcement and first responders when response times matter most. In the event of an active shooter, the app provides the individual school system with the equivalent of a digital SWAT team until the physical SWAT professionals arrive.

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Users can also request security for disgruntled or disruptive students without the need to call their police department.

School personnel can use the app to summon help for medical emergencies, fires, bullying and a myriad of other situations.

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Users can also request security for disgruntled or disruptive students without the need to call their police department. School personnel can use the app to summon help for medical emergencies, fires, bullying and a myriad of other situations.
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School Drivers app is the best App to track drivers activities through Admin portals. Admin can view their speed, route history, phone battery life. And Also drivers can send a Instant emergency alert to admins or the selected contacts.

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Innovative Smart Protection For Your School & University

Since we started, we've been providing users with cutting edge mobile solutions to simplify their lives anywhere across the country and around the world. Now, we've been encouraged to design and create safety applications to help mitigate 3 major concerns effecting the reopening of schools and business across the county.
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Imagine trying to scan 1,000 children or more every day for abnormal Temperatures. The Texas Guardians MTL devices is accurate, affordable, and makes scanning large numbers of individuals much quicker. MTL devices notifies to admins portals automatically.

Mental Health

Our School App reports Activities and Behaviors that pose a risk to individuals, the school or the community, allowing authorities to respond to any imminent threat or emergency with precise location. App Notifies in Seconds to relevant Admins.

Active Shooter

There was an average of 369 Mass Shootings on 2019. The frequency of these events is increasing. Under Senate Bill 11, school employees must have access to communication devices such as cell phones for immediate reporting suspicious behaviors.

200% Customized Schools App

We provide the 100% customized School safety App for every school. We develop Apps with school logo and name, And also provide a separate admin portal. We don't mix or copy paste the products. We create App according to situations.

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What Client’s Say About Us

Check out our worldwide customers feedbacks. We provide services worldwide

Our 100% Customized Solutions


  • Managed Web Application
  • Threat Detection
  • Active Shooter Alerts
  • Schools Safety
  • Security Management
  • Instant Alert Notifications
  • Gunshot Dectection
  • Home Security
  • Covid19 Solutions
  • Customized Thermometer
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