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The Texas Guardians creates, provides and implements mobile safety solutions for all segments of the population that includes individuals, Medical Organizations, School Districts, Universities, Congregations, Businesses, Bail Bondsmen, and Law Enforcement. Our Smart Phone Technology is specifically designed to summon help from any type of emergencies and instantly interfaces with first res-ponders to provide a faster response time. It basically provides a greater level of personal safety and measure risks before it happens for a safer society.

  • Pre-Developed Mobile Apps

    The Texas Guardians pre-developed the App for different businesses and for individual safety, We provide these apps through plays tore and apple stores. Here are some of our Apps which are publicly available for individual safety , Repo Man, iPEN, Women Safety, Family Locator and safety, Mom & Pop, Elite App, The Fam App, Medics Reminder. We provide private apps which is only shared on call/email.

  • Apps on Demands

    We also design and developed safety and emergency App on demand. If any organization or business needs a custom App with their desired safety features, Just contact us or call us.

  • Our Devices

    We made customized devices for business and organizations. For example we can use business logo and their color scheme on the devices like temperature screening, SOS alert device, Gunshot detection.

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Complete And Effective Protection For Your Home And Office

Our app does not replace 911 services in any way. It does provide individuals with an advanced tool for safety with multiple applications. The app is available for those that want an added layer of protection, but no one is ever under any obligation to utilize it.

Single App

We provide a Single Safety app for businesses. The emergency alerts will be send to the emergency contacts. by pressing single button, Location and Alert will instant send.

App with Admin Portal

We provide App along with attached admin portal. App alerts will send to portals and the admins can also receive and send the custom messages and alerts to users.

App, Admin tablet App, and Portal

We also provide the tablet admin app, User app and also the Desktop Admin portal. All will be connected with each other. This is best for the large organizations.

App with Devices

We also provide the tablet App along with customized App, for example Temperature Screening Device And App. All the devices will control through Apps. We intergrade our App with the devices.

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Contact us and get the right product and app for your business. Share your business and we will provide the best safety solution and ideas.

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